John Goodyear was formerly the York City Council's Assistant Director for Environment, his responsibilities included overseeing refuse collection, street cleansing, parking, parks and open spaces, as well as managing 700 cleaners working across 125 different sites. For the past 26 years John has lived 30 miles north of York, on the edge of the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors.

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Civil Servant Looks To Capitalise On His Experience

"Over the past 16 years, I have effectively been managing a cleaning company with a £2.5m turnover! I feel it is now time to leverage my knowledge to my benefit through building my own business. I know it will be hard-work initially, however, I am confident my experience will stand me in very good stead to make a big success of my new local Betterclean Services business."

John started looking at franchise opportunities because he knew that, to win the contracts he wanted, he would need a brand with accreditations behind him. He fully investigated the marketplace, looking at all the well-known commercial cleaning franchise brands in great detail.

"I came across Betterclean Services by sheer fluke when searching online and I thought, 'ah, that's right for me'. After several calls with Fiona I went down to the discovery day to find out more about whether what I'd read was true. When I met Dan I thought he was a guy I could work with. I could also see that the Betterclean Services systems were working very well and I liked the brand."


"Establishing my business will be a challenge, because the brand hasn't been taken north before, but there are no market perceptions one way or another. Some of the existing cleaning franchises have 'unhelpful' reputations - I'll put it that way."


John's wife works for the local authority as a school business manager. The couple have three sons aged 32, 30 and 28 - and he is a grandfather four-times over. Living on the North Yorkshire Moors, the family enjoy walking in the surrounding countryside. John also likes photography, squash and he's a big motorsport fan.

"I want to see my business grow significantly and I'm confident I'll be able to win enough contracts to achieve that. Finding the right staff will be a big challenge. I like the approach that Dan has and I believe that he and Fiona are doing the right thing, by selectively getting the right people to invest in the network. I looked at other franchise 'opportunities', but pretty quickly it became apparent that all they were interested in was taking my money. I firmly believe that Dan is committed to his franchisees, so if you have what it takes and want to grow a successful franchise business, I really do believe that Betterclean Services is a really good option."