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Nader’s Excited to use his Previous Knowledge of the Past 20 Years in his Betterclean Journey

Nader Srouji, will be opening Betterclean services Milton Keynes in August 2019. Previously he was a Distributor of cleaning chemicals, machines and hygiene solutions to the industrial, commercial and institutional markets.

I was attracted to the Betterclean franchise because of the clarity of the business model offered and the fact that it directly related to my previous work of 20+ years. Operating a service-oriented business stems from my personal enjoyment of interacting with clients aiming to provide them with the first class service they are paying for and deserve.

Dealing with Dan and Mike has been a pleasure, I find them both open minded and business oriented and are equally as eager to grow the Betterclean brand and business in the region.

What I’d like to see from my business in the future is a thriving business that is delivering a first-class service to the customer, as well as further promoting the commercial cleaning business using the cutting-edge technology that is constantly evolving.

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