We are delighted to welcome Rick, who has joined the Betterclean network. Rick has recently purchased our York Resale and is also the New Owner of Betterclean Services Leeds and Harrogate.

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"All in all, the process was relatively straightforward and Dan and the team at Betterclean were very flexible and supportive."

“I have a background in technology and change programmes, most recently in the NHS but previously in banking. I led things like the national NHS website and delivering how we integrate services across hospitals and GP’s.

I was attracted to the franchise because I had previously supported my wife in taking up a franchise in a childcare recruitment and service provision sector in 2017. This made me realise that there was a great opportunity to accelerate the growth of the business by being able to call on expertise from the franchisor and across the franchisee network. This was further emphasised when looking to buy and existing business and one of those I considered was a Betterclean franchise and the vendor was very happy to recommend the franchisor.


Yes, the process of buying the resale was smooth, the majority actually happens with the vendor rather than the franchisor, and there is always a small gap to navigate between the two. All in all, the process was relatively straightforward and Dan and the team at Betterclean were very flexible and supportive.


Our aim is to consolidate the contracts we have and ensure we have a solid foundation with the right management / supervisory structure in place to ensure we maintain high quality to our existing customers. As we exit the challenges of Covid and look to 2021 we will begin to invest more heavily in growing the business, but in preparation we are looking at the use of procurement frameworks as a means to access a greater number of qualified tenders, and also bid on some exciting opportunities as much for experience and building our assets for further tenders.”

We always adhere to our 6 Principles:


1. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 

2. Excellent Cleaners 

3. Exceptional Value for Money

4. Maximum Flexibility Around YOUR Schedule 

5. Protecting You 

6. Always Having A Back Up Plan

Celebrating 25 years
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Betterclean Commercial Cleaning Services

Betterclean is a commercial contract cleaning company with many differences from the usual. 

We know that you will find in these differences the service partner you have been looking for.