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Arslan bought a Papa John’s Pizza Franchise in 2012 in partnership with his sister and was running the store in Tunbridge Wells. Since 2015 Arslan was looking to get out of the food industry, he explains his search for a new business opportunity, ‘As I wanted to get out of the store and away from the pizza oven, I started looking for something in the service industry and decided to look for a Franchise in Commercial Cleaning.’

In Arslan’s search for a Commercial Cleaning Company he did his research and although meeting with other Franchise Managers he decided on Betterclean Services. ‘The main reason I was drawn towards Betterclean Services was because their website presentation was very straight forward and all the facts and figures were very clear, which made it easy for me to understand how much I am investing and what return I can get.’ Arslan then became the Franchise Manager of Maidstone in 2018, ‘Mike was one of the main reasons for me to go with Betterclean Services. The support is amazing, I am especially thankful to Mike who is always available to help and guide me.

After Arslan has spent his whole life in retail, having a weekend off was a luxury, but now he can take time off on the weekends and spend quality time with his family which is very important to him.

Arslan Is Counting on Success With


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