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Marketing Consultant Attracted By Scaleable Business Model

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Chris has been a friend of Betterclean Services for over two years. After getting to know the business model inside-out supporting and guiding us with our marketing, he liked what he saw and decided to take up his own franchise. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he's invested in two territories: Bristol and Bath.

Chris explains: "With my own marketing consultancy, I've been working very closely with franchisors and SMEs in the UK, USA and Europe since 2007. Whilst my passion will always be in helping business owners with their marketing communications, I want to grow my own scalable business to support my family in the future. Many of my clients have several businesses, relying on their trusted teams and business management systems to maintain control. I am really excited to be in this position."

Rather than start with one territory, Chris has invested in two: Bristol and Bath. Combining the geography of the territories, Chris's knowledge of the business, his thorough planning and the strength of his team meant that we were content he would be able to maximise the potential of the area.


Chris added, "aside from the terrific earnings potential and the attitude and approach of Dan and the team, the main reason I invested is the scalable nature of the business. Starting with a full support team covering operations, marketing and admin allows me to work 'on' the business. I love my consultancy business, speaking at BFA events and supporting my clients, so I think it makes perfect sense to grow a management business alongside where the service is not directly linked to my time and energy."


Chris currently lives with his wife in Wiltshire, right on the edge of his two territories. When he does find time away from running his businesses he enjoys working up a sweat! "I have always been an active chap - I played hockey for 20 years, but now you're more likely to find me out biking, running, walking the dogs or gardening. I also have a bit of an obsession with powerful engines!"

Having started trading in mid-May 2013 within just four days the first appointment was complete and quote was out. Chris is looking forward to steadily building the business and has some ambitious targets for his team...


"I am under no illusion that this is the silver bullet, it's going to be hard work, but I have done some pretty thorough due-diligence! Six years in the franchise industry, two directly with Dan and his team..."

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