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Fashioning Another Profitable Business Venture


Successful businesswoman Saira Poonawala had a string of profitable fashion and beauty ventures behind her when she decided to add a Betterclean franchise to her portfolio. After visiting the British Franchise Association website and attending a franchise show, Manchester based Saira met the Betterclean management team and instantly knew she was on the right track with a management franchise opportunity.

"When my husband and I met Dan and Mike we felt really comfortable with them, and not only liked them but felt their business model made total sense," says Saira. "I was looking for an opportunity in a different business sector and realised franchising was a quick way to start, effectively buying the sector expertise of the franchise owner."

Saira did her due diligence on both the marketplace and the franchise opportunity.She commented, "after discussing the business with an existing franchise owner we were ready to get going."


Currently in the marketing and field support stage, high flyer Saira is well-placed to make a success of her new Betterclean franchise. Regularly featured in thelocal media for her business development prowess when working in her fashion and beauty firms, she's using all her skills to ease into this new venture.


"Initially, I'm just learning the different roles in the business so I can manage the team effectively," says Saira. "I'll learn it all properly first and then I'll know how best to expand in my area."


With three children and a supportive husband giving Saira plenty to do in her leisure time, she views her Betterclean franchise as a great opportunity to continue being her boss - a choice that's all about enjoying a high quality of life.

And what advice does she have for other prospective franchise owners?

"It seems that hard work is the key to success: "Do your research and look at different business options,"says Saira, "to make this work you must ask lots of questions and be prepared to sell yourself and put in the time and effort to learn the business thoroughly."

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