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What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning refers to the provision of cleaning services to ‘non domestic’ properties. This includes such places as offices, factories, surgeries, shops, schools, leisure centres etc.

Commercial cleaning services are provided on a recurring income basis meaning that your clients will pay you on a monthly basis for your services and, providing you maintain levels of service, will stay with you for many years. This not only allows you to forecast your income better, but also means that you do not have to constantly look for new clients each month.

Commercial cleaning is often referred to as contract cleaning because your clients sign up to a contract. A cleaning contract is an agreement to provide a commercial cleaning service, for a set number of hours over a set number of days per week.


  • Monday to Friday – 5 days a week

  • 4 hours of cleaning per day

  • 20 hours of cleaning per week

  • The contract will also state the monthly fee for the above service and the initial term of the agreement.

As a Betterclean Services franchise owner, you will run and build a commercial cleaning business employing staff to deliver the cleaning to business clients in your defined and exclusive territory. You do not carry out the cleaning yourself but instead employ and train cleaning staff to carry out the work, your role is more about ensuring that the service is delivered to the highest standards all the time as well as building strong relationships with your clients. So, although the business is in the commercial cleaning sector, the role of the franchise owner is more about people management and driving excellent customer service.

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