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2017 – a year of success and developments for Betterclean Services franchise owners

At our recent Network Day I introduced a host of new initiatives that will enhance our franchise owners’ businesses further and enable them to focus fully on growth and success – not on admin. Best of all, all these initiatives come at no cost to our network; all part of the support we provide as an ethical franchisor.

Our new business development manager, Jade Wakeham, is already having a big impact with new systems including:

  • Full-time telesales lead generation through head office, providing new contracts for our franchise owners

  • Sector-targeted marketing campaigns

  • Help on winning lucrative tenders

  • Website visitor tracking

Additionally, for our year of success ahead, we’re implementing:

  • New operational mentoring (by phone and in each territory)

  • Training for each franchise owner’s management team

  • Harnessing Facebook for cleaner recruitment

  • New HR legal support

  • My personal guidance on building an asset and getting ready to realise your investment when the time is right

And a major update to our bespoke business management system, BLISS, is about to enter beta testing, automating even more administrative tasks so you can focus fully on growing your business.

Not only do we have one of the lowest royalty levels in UK franchising – you now get even more for your money!

Get in touch now to find out more about securing your future with a lucrative director-level business opportunity.

Dan van Kuyk

Managing Director

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