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Adapting to Changing Times

It’s a truism that this has been a challenging year for everyone. By April, the national lockdown had caused a 50% drop in my income, and half of my 40 employees were furloughed. Now, at end October, all my employees are back at work, we lost 4 clients but have gained 11, and our income is 19% higher than it was pre-lockdown! Whilst I realise this may not last, it’s given me faith in the robustness of the Betterclean business model, and the industry’s sustainability. Key to our recovery has been flexibility and a nimble approach to change, as we’ve partnered with clients to adapt to their fluctuating needs. This, and the continuing provision of excellence of service, has strengthened relationships. Staff loyalty has been both essential and inspiring, while maintaining low overheads has kept finances strong. A varied mix of client sectors has also provided a strong defence to the impacts of Covid-19. There will certainly be tough times ahead, particularly as the government funding support lessens, but I am hopeful for the future.

by Caroline Spiller, Betterclean Services Exeter & Taunton, since 11/2016

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