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Betterclean Unveils Raft of New Developments for Franchise Owners

The latest Betterclean Services franchisee conference has introduced a host of new initiatives, continuing the brand’s exceptional development over the last 12 months.

The second Network Day of the year, which took place in May in Birmingham, introduced extended training for the management teams of franchise owners, new HR support and a range of new products to deliver better results for clients and keep the network ahead of the competition.

An updated version of Bliss, the company’s bespoke business management system, is also being rolled out to the network. It further enhances the automation of business functions and processes to streamline operations for each franchise owner.

That will shortly be joined by a custom-built app for cleaning staff that will highlight job details and client requests before they arrive onsite. It’s being developed with direct input from franchise owners to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

A new video for prospective clients was also unveiled, which will feature personalised introductions and calls to action from each individual franchise owner for their local customer base.

All the developments are being delivered at no cost to franchisees.

Managing director, Dan van Kuyk, commented: “The Network Days give us a chance to showcase initiatives that have a genuine impact on our franchise owners’ businesses. To be delivering them at no cost, in a franchise that already enjoys some of the lowest royalties in the UK market, is something I’m passionate about.

“With new developments in technology, marketing, HR and products combining with new franchise owners, we’ve enjoyed a fantastic year so far…and there’s plenty more ahead too. This is a thriving network that maximises the combined power of our franchise owners – both in economies of scale as well as shared skills and experiences – to deliver better returns to them.”

Of the new staff training, he added: “We take our responsibilities in helping our franchise owners to grow and develop their businesses very seriously. Staff training is an essential component of that and by providing in-territory and online training to their managers and cleaning supervisors, we’re helping franchise owners deliver the highest quality service on the market without making extra demands on their time.

“Overall, the day was incredibly positive – a perfect reflection of where we are as a business.”

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