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Excellence in Customer Service

I’m sometimes asked why I took on Betterclean, or, more specifically, a cleaning business. After all, this is not a glamorous industry! However, the services we provide are essential to the smooth running of our client workplaces. I knew I could add value to the client relationships, and differentiate from other cleaning companies, many of whom are seemingly only interested in profits. As small business owners, Betterclean franchisees have a genuine care for their customers. We work hard to provide excellent and reliable service, doing so with integrity. Trust with my clients is built through friendliness, responsiveness, and professionalism. When issues arise, as inevitably they do, I accept responsibility, communicate a solution, and act promptly to rectify the concern. I look to see things from a client perspective, and deliver our service accordingly, always aiming to exceed expectations. Of course, each client is different, and adaptability is key in shaping the service to individual needs. Ultimately, I take pride from knowing that my team contributes to a safe, hygienic, and pleasant working environment for our client’s staff, and that by doing our job well, we allow our clients to focus on theirs.

By Caroline Spiller, Betterclean Services Exeter & Taunton, since 11/2016

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