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Find out how Betterclean Services Birmingham have found their first three months of trading.

"Our first few months with Betterclean has gone better than expected given the current circumstances we find ourselves in.

We have managed to secure several contracts during the past few months. We were delighted with our first contract which was a Primary school which provides us with 60 hours per week! Followed by 3 x offices, a Warehouse and retail store! We have also started to expand our team and have employed 5 members of staff which are all hard working and reliable.

From when we started in late August/beginning of September the growth of the business has been very pleasing to see.

I can see a bright future with Betterclean once the pandemic finishes which will enable us to push our business more once we get more established within Birmingham."

- Liam Godwin, Betterclean Services Birmingham

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