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Find out how Sahadeo has found the first few months of being the new franchisee of Betterclean Se

- How confident did you feel after your training?

o It was quite a lot to be covered in the 1 week training, however we did get a good understanding of the processes employed, Dan and Mike did a great job.

o Now that we are beginning to see results our confidence is increasing, but there is quite a lot for us to learn in order to develop the business, we understand this will happen with time and experience.

- How many jobs have you quoted for so far?

o 15 jobs quoted for to date

- Now that you’re quoting on your own, how are you finding this?

o A bit nervous in the beginning, but now much more confident.

o So far, all quotations have been for small jobs and we have not had any really difficult prospects so we were able to handle it well. The real challenge would be for the bigger jobs hopefully to come. With Mike’s coaching and expert guidance, we hope to get a good grip on this in the near future

- How has the support been that you’ve received from Betterclean Services?

o The support received from Mike and Abbie has been exceptional!

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