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I would highly recommend the Betterclean franchise

In depth training at the start of the programme set me and my father on a firm foundation. Both the 5 days initial training and the 2 days supervisor training were invaluable in terms of building business knowledge and the confidence to fulfil our vision for the business. There is also ongoing support from the franchise team and their external specialised partners.

This type of support gives you peace of mind. Currently in the brand awareness stage, my father and I are well placed to conquer Derby and make a success of our new Betterclean franchise. We won our first contract within 3 weeks of marketing. We have many potential prospects waiting to sign with Derby Betterclean services.

Becoming Betterclean franchisees is fulfilling our dream of owning our own business. The key to success is hard work and dedication to achieve and, following the business model process from the beginning.

I would highly recommend the Betterclean franchise – it’s working for me. Always remember that you are not alone so, don’t be shy to ask for help!

Marjorie Dhliwayo, Betterclean Franchisee since September 2022.

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