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Robust Systems and Processes - The Building Blocks to Success

Entering an unfamiliar industry sector as a new business owner is a daunting prospect. There’s a huge amount to learn, and financial pressures can weigh heavy as you rush to build an income. Thankfully, the Betterclean package provides you with robust tools that enable you to hit the ground running, and focus your energies on winning clients, developing your staff team and delivering great service. Key to this is BLISS, our bespoke cloud-based system allowing safe storage and management of all information for clients, prospects and staff in one place. It also holds a detailed library of business documents you’ll need on a daily basis, including all cleaning specifications and new business quotations. Then there’s Ezitracker, a fantastic real-time tool for electronic logging of employee hours and attendance – it even alerts you to no-shows, and generates payroll data. On the compliance side, Betterclean provides comprehensive Risk Assessments and Method Statements for all your cleaning activities. These foundational tools provide a solid framework on which to establish and run your business. But, crucially, they also provide you with confidence, and a credible, professional offering that will help you win clients.

By Caroline Spiller, Betterclean Services Exeter & Taunton, since 2016

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