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How the first few months have been for Betterclean Services Cardiff and Newport

How did you feel after all of your training?

It’s always a strange feeling from having training to putting it into practice, but it all falls into place as you do each stage. As with anything once you’ve had your training you need to ‘do it’, that way it’s still all fresh.

How many jobs have you quoted for so far?

I have quoted for 7 jobs ranging from 1 hour to 32 hours a week, with 6 more booked in.

Now that you’re quoting on your own, how are you finding this?

I’m really enjoying it. It’s a chance to engage with a prospect allowing you to promote yourself and your business. The more quotes I’m doing, the more confident and quicker I’m getting. Although I have a prospect who requires potentially 90 hours of cleaning a week – I will be asking Mike for help with this one!

How have you found the support offered by Betterclean Services?

The support is fantastic, whilst Mike is my primary contact, I have the backup of the team at head office plus the other franchisees. There are regular emails, calls and meetups. The whole reason I went the franchise route is because of the support network, and with Betterclean you really are supported.

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