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The Franchise Network has come together again!

The beginning of May was a busy time for the senior franchise management team as we embarked on our UK tour to hold Regional Network Days for our franchise owners.

At Betterclean Services we place a high importance on the involvement of and input from all franchisees and believe that the combined knowledge of the people in the network is one of the key ingredients in the ongoing success of the brand. This is why we ensure there are regular network days and franchisee events included in the calendar.

Over the three days we met with regional groups of franchise owners and discussed a number of topics in an informal manner. These included developments from Head Office, new operational and marketing initiatives, what was working well in their region and any challenges they were currently facing. The days were full of energy and very productive with everyone taking part and providing excellent input into discussions.

It is an excellent opportunity for the franchise management team to engage with our franchise owners, but these events also give the franchise owners the opportunity to interact with each other, share stories, build relationships, and ultimately come together as one body. This is one of the great things about franchising, you are able to be ‘your own boss’ but at the same time be part of a wider, supportive network. It really is a ‘best of both worlds’ situation.

After the regional network days are completed is where the real work for the franchise management team begins as we will now be collating all the ideas and suggestions that came out of the days and formulating an action plan of what will be done and by when which will then be communicated to the franchise owners so that there is full transparency, something else that we believe is a key ingredient to our continued success.

All in all, it is a busy few days, covering a lot of miles and sleeping in numerous hotel beds, but it is all worth it as the information we gain from the network and the interaction that is achieved is priceless.

I am very much looking forward to our whole network day and awards evening which we will be holding in October, it is set to be a really fun and engaging couple of days.

Dan van Kuyk QFP, Founder of Betterclean Services Franchising.

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