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Farhad Ahmed

 Farhad's Spark of Entrepreneurship

Farhad headshot.jpg

Introducing Farhad: From Ipswich, Suffolk, Farhad is a recent addition to the Betterclean Services family, bringing his dedication and drive to the world of professional cleaning. After years spent in the healthcare sector, followed by the fast-paced world of taxi services.

The Spark of Entrepreneurship: The flexibility, freedom, and potential for growth that franchising offered were a perfect fit for his aspirations. He sought a brand with a strong reputation and a proven track record of success, leading him straight to Betterclean Services.

Why Betterclean? Upon meeting with Mike, Farhad knew he had found the right partner. Betterclean Services' established presence and commitment to supporting franchisees were key factors in his decision. He saw a future filled with possibilities, a future where he could be his own boss, spend more time with family, and build a lasting legacy for himself.

So, if you're looking for a fresh start, a chance to be your own boss, and the support of a proven franchise behind you, follow in Farhad's footsteps and discover the exciting world of Betterclean Services.

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