The Story of Betterclean Services and how it has gone from strength to strength...

Dan van Kuyk started his working life in the offshore oil industry with BP, but this consisted of long periods away from his home and new family. Wishing to spend more time with them, and looking for a complete change in life, he decided to look at the option of becoming self-employed and as a result purchased a franchise business.

Dan Van Kuyk

He worked for a number of years gaining valuable experience and knowledge of how a franchise operates and also appreciating what it was like to be a Franchise Owner. In 2005 he sold the franchise business and looked for another opportunity that had potential to grow. He came across the Betterclean Services business which was advertised as a going concern and in 2005 he acquired it.


Rapid Growth Within 5 Years

When Dan purchased the business in 2005 it was turning over £140,000 and employed approximately 25 individuals. In the intervening five years, under Dan's entrepreneurial leadership, the turnover dramatically increased five fold to approximately £750,000 with over 100 staff. 


The operating profits have also shown a higher percentage increase, this further substantiates that Betterclean Services has a winning formula for success.The business now exists predominantly as a commercial contract cleaning operation, with 90% of the turnover associated with this field of expertise. 


The remaining 10% is attributed to cleaning windows, carpets, ad hoc cleaning such as house lets, hard floor cleaning and small consumable products that they supply to existing clients.

The BLISS Business System

Although the phenomenal success of the company can be largely attributed to the dynamism of Dan and his team in managing a large commercial cleaning company, together with a significant number of contracts, part of this success can also be accredited to BLISS (Betterclean Logistical Information Software System), the integral and comprehensive software system developed over many years. 


This system manages the whole business, including clients, staff, contracts, client's performance analysis and is under constant review to enhance business performance and client satisfaction. 

Do You Have The Drive That We Need...

In essence, the Betterclean Services franchise offering requires enthusiasm, drive and passion for exacting client service levels. 'We believe in a win-win philosophy, which is essential to us and our Franchise Owners'.


If you feel you have this motivation to emulate our highly successful formula, we would be very keen to speak further about this opportunity.